Friday, October 15, 2010

Malaysian New Car

This is Proton Inspira. Looks like Lancer is it? haha..By the way, credit to this car! Sporty but at the same time 'family car'..This is shows that our automotive industry had improvement. I am proud to be Malaysian. No matter what people said ' kereta Malaysia macam tin kosong' but i still proud of it. Maybe that issue should take into consideration when Proton wants to produce or built other cars. Dengar tak Proton?? (jangan mara)

Too many accidents happen in Malaysia and because of our high accident rate our country's image down and some more. See! haa...Yelah, walaupon kite pandu kenderaan cermat tapi malang tak berbau. This is one step for prevention. Kadang2 sebab orang lain, kadang2 sebab kelalaian sendiri. Alangkah lebih bagus kalau kereta sekarang macam kereta dulu2..haa! kamu semua jangan kutuk kereta lame2 nie kereta buruk ke, kereta besi buruk ke, kereta bodol ke kan sebab kereta dulu2 semua body die tahaannn u...haha..Tu yang berat tu..hahaa

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