Tuesday, November 2, 2010

the journey of skatches band

first of all this is not my band. haha. i just only an aunty for one of this group member which is GKUL or JEECOOL or ape2 lah. as family member, we all give fully support to him as long as he did not do any wrongdoing. before that i thought they just playing around with guitar and some more. jamming there jamming here. this is normal right for young men or teenagers.

but after they take part in battle of the band competition and winning that, i change my perceptions. maybe they want be a band boy seriously. Someday, i bought my favorite magazine REMAJA and saw them. i'm proud of them because they meru mali. hahaha..ntah pape lah aku nie. tak kesah lah.

so, i would like to inform here that they will take part in battle of the band at Dewan MPP Zon 5 seksyen 16 Shah Alam on 4th December 2010 from 3pm to 10pm. so, if you all free during that time, you all can come to make this event more happening!!! oi oi oi...huhu

hope you success in what you do.!

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