Wednesday, November 3, 2010

saya suke stadi last minute!

hahaha..yes this is i am from dolu until now. aku suke study last minute. i don't know why but my feeling comes one day before exam. haha..for instance i finish my final paper in Monday and i have couple of days to study for next paper. but i don't and you know what. i am laying down in front of television watch my favorite drama and wasting my time. so intesting right my routine everyday.

Sometime i forget that i am still not finish final exam yet. this morning i have 10 chapter to go that i need to read and memorize. i am proud to say that i don't like theory damn much. haha..i need take a longer time to memorize. but today i push my mind to memorize and study happily. now, i have 2 chapter more. good luck for me tomorrow.


PinQib said...

me too. kiter sama laa. hikhikhik

@ku d! sin!e said...